Leading the Way Spotlight

Continuity introduced the Leading the Way initiative for 2023, which recognizes the exceptional team members at the heart of our success. Nominations were open to all employees. After reviewing the many compelling recommendations, we have been reminded of how many talented, service-oriented people make up the team.

Although only four will be highlighted in Leading the Way Spotlights, know that your dedication to the mission and the team are noticed and appreciated.

Alfred Leggett Vice President Security Services

“If you want to get the best out of people, you treat them fairly. Treat people like people and give them the room to grow and the opportunity to make decisions.”

That’s the way Alfred Leggett approaches his role as Vice President of Security Services at Continuity. He learned this lesson first from his grandfather. After years in the Marine Corps and as a security contractor in the Balkans and Iraq, that message came into focus. In each new role he tackled, Alfred worked his way into leadership by building good relationships and strong teams.

Since Alfred has stood guard duty on cold nights and blazing hot days, spending time far from his family, he knows exactly what his people are going through on a daily basis. “Now, as a manager, when we are short staffed, I’m not above putting on my boots and filling in,” Alfred said.

Multiple coworkers nominated Alfred and mentioned his commitment and leadership. One noted, “Alfred Leggett has been a consistent presence in nearly every LGF program for over 9 years. He has always provided guidance and leadership to project managers whenever it is needed. Sometimes this is simple advice and other times it means being onsite for extended periods while helping to stand-up programs.”

When asked what he recommends for those who want to follow his lead, he said, “You’re going to work hard, work long hours and sacrifice if you want to be successful. But the most important thing is treating people like people; if you treat them like you’re above them, you’ll never get where you’re trying to go.”

Alfred’s Role at Continuity

Alfred Leggett is the Vice President of Security Services and is responsible for the leadership, professional development, oversight, and management of multiple projects around the globe. Alfred is the primary point of contact for Local Guard Force (LGF) Contracting Officers and Program Managers and is responsible for the oversight of Continuity’s National Industrial Security Program (NISP) as the Facility Security Officer (FSO).

Alfred joined Continuity in 2008 as a Site Manager, where he developed an extensive track record of successfully ensuring stable and secure environments throughout several Forward Operating Bases (FOB). His dedication to the mission, “Can Do” attitude earned him a promotion to Country Manager in 2011. Initially working at Victory Base Camp, Alfred successfully managed the daily function and welfare of Continuity, providing security services to over 800 personnel for both U.S. and Coalition Forces within Iraq, as well as effectively overseeing the security for Continuity “In country headquarters” and “Life Support Compound.”

After demonstrating exceptional work ethic in numerous roles such as Program Development, Contract Management, Business Development, Proposal Writing, Quality Assurance and a multitude of other duties. Alfred was promoted to Senior Regional Program Manager of Continuity in 2012.

In July of 2021, based on his years of outstanding service to the company and leadership ability, Alfred was promoted to Vice President of Security Services and FSO (Facility Security Officer) where he draws on his extensive military and professional background to manage the daily function, welfare, and staffing of Continuity security programs totaling over $500 million in revenue across six continents and consisting of U.S. Armed Guard programs (DoD), and Local Guard Programs (DoS). Screeners Program (USAF). His years of military service and as a contractor now help him to build strong relationships with Continuity clients and partners as well as with his team.

Leading the Way Forward

Several colleagues nominated Alfred for the Leading the Way spotlight, and that came as no surprise to the rest of the leadership team. “Alfred is an exceptional leader and a really great guy,” Steve Hartsuff, Continuity CEO said. “If you are looking for one person who exemplifies the very best of Continuity and is the embodiment of our values, it is Alfred. We are so lucky to have him on the team.”

Questions or Concerns?

If you have additional questions or suggestions about this initiative, feel free to reach out to me via email at steve.hartsuff@continuitygs.com.