Continuity Now Operating in Ukraine – Global Update

The Continuity team has just returned from a trade delegation to Ukraine sponsored by the charitable organization August Mission and the State of Utah. Led by a Utah State Senator and State Congressman, the diverse delegation included:  


The delegation traveled to Poland, which has offered robust support for the Ukraine war effort, functioning as a major logistical hub and taking in over two million refugees. In Warsaw, the group met with members of the American Chamber of Commerce. They then traveled by bus and van to Kmelnitsky, Kiev and Lviv in Ukraine.  

During the 6-day tour, the delegation met with local and federal Ukrainian government agencies, military organizations and local businesses, networking and exploring ways to bring support to the war-torn country. The Ukrainians expressed deep gratitude for U.S. support in their fight to expel the Russian invaders and were happy to meet and share their stories. Other than a few hours spent in a bomb shelter in Kiev watching a drone being shot down with antiaircraft fire, the delegation had a successful trip without incident. The visit was an excellent opportunity to connect with and better understand the plight of the Ukrainian people. 

Continuity Global Solutions has a long history of providing support in conflict (Iraq, Afghanistan), post-conflict (Burundi, Nigeria) and in geographically challenging locations (Pakistan and New Zealand). As part of our support for Ukraine, we’ve established an office in Kiev to provide security, logistics and demining efforts throughout Ukraine.  

Continuity Global Solutions is a defense and government services contractor headquartered in Florida with a global presence in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Continuity serves the highest levels of the U.S. government and commercial enterprises around the world. Contact Win Scheel for information about our efforts in Ukraine at 254-368-9328.