Atmospherics and Cultural Awareness

Atmospherics and Cultural Awareness

Continuity Atmospherics and Cultural Awareness services are premised on a commitment to awareness, preparedness and safety. Our professionals provide world-class information and analytical services, using their years of industry experience to build tailored solutions for our clients.

With a focus on actionable, real-time, open-source intelligence for geopolitical and business information and analysis, our international coverage includes reports on political developments, sectarian tensions, kidnapping activity, and other incidents and situations that may impact operational and travel safety and security.


Atmospherics is the understanding the mood at the local level in order to understand what is going on in the street. Local situations can evolve very quickly and human intelligence can make all the difference.

At Continuity, our expertise allows us to continually analyze the situation “on the ground” to educate our clients and partners about potential concerns while operating or traveling abroad. This intelligence also provides valuable context and analysis to inform your decision-making processes.

Continuity develops reports that meet your specific needs, including:

  • detailed country profiles
  • background briefings
  • in-depth pattern analysis reports, featuring threats and risks for operational areas
  • cultural awareness briefings
  • special-to-task reports
  • Market-Entry Strategies

Continuity is adept at assisting clients and partners develop market-entry strategies that can help you effectively assess and plan projects in new areas or locales. From concept development and fact-finding through the development cycle, we facilitate client success.

Continuity clients benefit from our understanding of the geographic climate, introductions to key enablers and facilitators and market analysis. Specific market entry services typically include:

  • risk assessments
  • feasibility studies
  • market analyses
  • supply chain management reports