Security and Risk Management Services

Risk Mitigation Solutions

Risk mitigation involves understanding our clients’ needs to develop solutions tailored to meet the diverse and complex environments that require our extensive security solutions.  We accomplish this by:

  • Developing multi-layered security solutions to safeguard client personnel and assets.
  • We provide over 80,000 hours of USAID, DOS, DOD approved training annually to develop exceptional security professionals.
  • Providing comprehensive Risk Assessments that meet international standards and customer satisfaction.

Client Focused Approach

Continuity delivers services and solutions to US government and allied countries around the globe. In every mission, our goal is to provide exceptional service, tailored planning and client satisfaction. Risk mitigation and agile response to developing situations help our clients focus on what they do best while we facilitate a safe and efficient environment. For organizations operating in austere, remote and sometimes hostile environments, the experience of Continuity professionals is critical for people and programs.

Cyber Security

Our people-centered approach means clients are protected by multi-layer risk mitigation plans for online assets, directed by highly skilled, experienced, cleared personnel.