Linguistic Services

Linguistics Services

Since 2004, Continuity has provided linguistic services for senior US Government officials. We offer both language services and training in almost every language around the world.

Our Language Services Include:

  • Interpretation (Simultaneous, Consecutive, Conference and Teleconference, Telephonic and Meeting/Event Interpretation)
  • Translation (Webpages, Books, Magazines, Articles, Manuals, Legal Briefs, Vital Documents and Architectural and Engineering Diagrams)
  • Transcription of Audio and Video News Events, Broadcasts, Webcasts and Training Events
  • Law Enforcement and Intelligence Monitoring, including of Subjects, Suspects, Criminals and Terrorists
  • Sign Language, including for News Events, Broadcasts, Webcasts, Training and Meetings
  • Worldwide Language Support under Hazardous and Austere Conditions, including in Global Conflict Areas