With Contract Renewal, Continuity Will Continue to Serve USAID’s Mission in Haiti

Chantilly, VA — Continuity Global Solutions, LLC, acting as subcontractor to Beshenich Muir & Associates, LLC (“BMA”), will continue to protect USAID’s mission in Haiti via the Partner Liaison Security Office (PLSO) under a renewed 5-year contract. Given the current instability in the country, the security and guidance provided by PLSO enables the work of program staff that delivers critical services to the Haitian people.

Continuity provides Security and Risk Management services for a variety of U.S. Missions around the globe. Leveraging decades of security experience gained in austere environments such as Central Asia and Africa, the Continuity team has the know-how and networks necessary to anchor reliable and resilient security services.

“We are excited to partner with BMA, putting our combined experience to work,” Continuity CEO Steve Hartsuff said. “Protecting USAID partners means the urgent work of helping the Haitian people can continue, and we are proud to be part of that effort.”

Beshenich Muir & Associates, LLC was established in 2008 based on three themes: hiring Veterans and providing for their families through a livable wage and benefits; fostering a company that is built by professionals, for professionals; and establishing core values rooted in public service and an intense belief that service to the Government does make a difference.

Continuity Global Solutions, LLC is a Defense and Government Services contractor headquartered in Washington, DC with a global presence in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Continuity serves the highest levels of US government and commercial enterprises around the world. Continuity’s personnel consistently go the extra mile to provide reliable and comprehensive services to our clients regardless of the challenge.