Leading the Way Spotlight

This is Continuity’s second spotlight in the Leading the Way series for 2023, which recognizes the exceptional team members at the heart of our success. Nominations were open to all employees. After reviewing the many compelling recommendations, we are reminded of how many talented, service-oriented people make up the team. Continuity is a team of the very best professionals around the globe, and we appreciate your dedication and service.

Aristides Reyes Senior Guard Panama

Calm Under Pressure

Aristides Reyes has proudly served the U.S. Embassy in Panama City for 23 years. In his current role as Senior Guard, he works at the entry point serving visa applicants. Every day he manages a team of five as they usher hundreds of visitors through x-ray machines and collect cell phones. The security of the U.S. Embassy in Panama depends on Aristides and the other Continuity team members dedicated to supporting this important U.S. Mission.

Maintaining professionalism and composure is essential, especially with visitors who are upset about the status of their visas. When asked what is most important to his success on the job, Aristides said, “The rules and regulations are what guide me. I know exactly what needs to be done in any situation, and I make sure everyone follows the same rules. This makes it easier to remain calm and respectful even when someone is upset that they can’t get their visa to visit Mickey Mouse with their kids.”

One of Aristides’s most vivid memories of working in the Embassy is from 9/11. After the twin towers fell, Embassies around the globe were on high alert. Unsure if there would be other attacks, his team shifted to a Level 5 security protocol. The day was stressful, but everyone pulled together and made sure that all regulations were strictly followed. Aristides also vividly remembers the feelings he and his team had about making sure that their Embassy and people were protected. That commitment to security is something he thinks about almost every day.

But work at the Embassy means being part of a larger community. Nowhere is this better on display than the soccer field. Aristides plays defense on a league that includes support staff, diplomats, security teams, as well as service and landscaping professionals. When the season ended recently, Aristides’s team placed second. The opportunity to build relationships and boost morale was just as valuable as winning the matches.

aristides football team

More About Aristides

Aristides was born in Panama City, the third of four boys. Family is the center of Aristides’s world. He says that his parents have always been supportive and encouraging and still are a big part of his life. He follows his father’s example in partnership with his wife Maritza Perez when it comes to raising his own children, Katherine (18) and Aristides (16).

Leading the Way Forward

Aristides was nominated by his former Project Manager earlier this year. Just the week before he was told he had been selected for this award, he was chosen as Employee of the Month for June by his new Project Manager, Ricardo Silva. With a June birthday, Aristides has a lot to celebrate right now.

Aristides’s nomination sums up exactly why he is such a valuable team member and leader.

Aristides Reyes is an exemplary field leader. He is well-regarded by subordinates, leaders, and client representatives alike. He practices a servant leadership model where he constantly encourages and mentors those around him in a positive manner, inspiring them to perform their tasks dutifully and with great motivation. He is a humble individual whose actions and leadership are only known through direct observation or from others that have experienced his leadership.

Continuity CEO Steve Hartsuff agreed with this assessment, saying, “Aristides Reyes plays an essential role on the Panama Project. His experience, dedication, and positive attitude make him a great leader, and we are thankful to have him on the team.”

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